On Raising Helpful Boys 

This is by no means a post from vast years of experience, but it is a post from experience. I’ve learned recently how much people often expect a mother to wait on her sons hand and foot.  To let them play their sports and mow the lawn and let that be the extent of what they spend their time at home doing. Moms clean their rooms for them and make all their meals . We wash and iron their clothes for church and school. We pack their lunches. The standard set in this area for modern American teenage boys is so low I don’t even know if it’s there.  This is a detrimental way for young men to grow up. 
Real men know how to clean bathrooms. Real men can make meals for their tired, worn out wives. Real men whip up a loaf of homemade bread to take to a grieving family in the church. Manhood is so much stronger than watching sports and doing yard work. Christian moms, let’s teach our sons to be able to come alongside their wives and help dig her out of that housework trench. Let’s teach them to walk into a room and leave it improved by their presence (either by their influence on people or by their work to improve the cleanliness of the area). 

So, moms of young boys, let us enable our sons to be helpful human beings. To take dominion over their households alongside their someday wives. To leave the world a better place than it was when they entered it. 


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